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abigail lee goldberger

artist statement

My paintings are inspired by fairy tales, myths, dreams, memories, experience, longing, religion, and nature. They are intensely colored, multi-layered, multi textured, and multi-themed, which creates a complexity that emerges the longer they are viewed. They are meant to evoke a story that touches upon the memories and dreams of each observer so that the story unfolds differently for each person and grows and changes with time. I feel like they are best described as an attempt to mimic what is glimpsed briefly but fully when you dream. I am currently exploring the themes of knowledge, time, ancestral influence, migration, and history as the basis for a series of pictorial maps that illustrate the underlying connections that propel us forward as individuals and as a people.

My primary medium is oil paint but at times I also add metallic leaf powders and monoprint elements to enhance the luminosity and further capture the mood of the scene. I often begin by laying color down on the canvas with no plan as to what will eventually emerge. After the initial layer, I start to identify the world that exists within the painting and roughly define it. As I continue through multiple layers, a dialogue develops between me, and the characters that are emerging from the canvas. I get glimpses of their history and emotions and understand how they interact with each other and the world which they inhabit. This dialogue is what makes each painting feel as if the curtain has been lifted for a second, giving the audience a brief but encompassing view of an entire other world.

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